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Do you feel like your life or your career is on hold because of stress or anxiety?

I teach skills in managing stress - in both mind and body - so you can be at your best in work, then relax and enjoy the life you want. I use biofeedback, a powerful technology-based tool for learning emotional self-regulation.

I offer home rental of biofeedback devices, an online video-based training course, and online one to one coaching - a service unavailable anywhere else. I can help people anywhere in the UK (and beyond) with:

  • Stress, anxiety, panic and mood problems
  • Anger, irritability, emotional instability
  • Brain fog, problems with focus and concentration
  • Fatigue, low Energy and motivation
  • Insomnia and sleep problems
  • Stress-related health problems, e.g. IBS, headache

What My Clients Say

"I found biofeedback invaluable in treating my anxiety ... the strategies have helped me by far the most"

"Working with biofeedback has helped me dramatically reduce the severity of mood swings"

"The biggest improvement has been to my ability to focus and concentrate at work"

"The difference has been out of proportion to anything I would have expected"

"I now sleep like a log, the pains in my body have vanished"

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How I Can Help You Beat Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue, Brain Fog and More

I see stress management as a project - there are no instant solutions but you need to understand the components of the project and acquire the skills and resources you need to do the work. So what skills are needed for stress management?

Problem states like anxiety and anger are not just mental experiences but are reflected in your body's physiology. So if you can learn to guide your physiology away from problem states and towards states that support resourceful states such as calm, clear focus and emotional positivity, then you have a powerful method for changing how you feel. I call this ability mind-body regulation, or just mind-body skills.

An ideal tool for training and developing mind-body skills is biofeedback.

The videos in this page are excepts from my online home biofeedback for stress management training course.

What Is Biofeedback? How Does It Help You Work With Stress & Anxiety?

Your physiology is constantly changing in response to your thoughts and emotions. In biofeedback we measure these shifts, which may happen outside of awareness, and feed them back in real time via computer - e.g. as a changing graph.

This feedback is the basis for creating change:

  • gaining insight into how thoughts and feelings affect you, and what works and what doesn't work in terms of influencing emotional states
  • developing mind-body skills: learning to access resourceful states such as calm, clear focus and emotional resilience
  • through exercise, you can build fitness in your brain so you're better able to handle stress as it arises in life.

Because biofeedback is a tool for learning, it is safe and produces lasting changes.

What My Clients Say

"After each 20-30 minute session, my mind felt incredibly clear"

"I now sleep like a log, the pains in my body have vanished"

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Optimal Breathing: Why It's Key In Stress Management

Breathing both reflects and is reflected in our emotional state. good breathing is vital to optimal brain function - and yet dysregulated breathing, and specifically over-breathing, is both common and largely unrecognised in stressed individuals.

In biofeedback we can measure a number of aspects of breathing physiology, which taken together have a profound bearing on how we feel. My work with biofeedback often centres on optimal breathing training because in my clinical experience it can produce significant benefits in short time.

How You Can Access Biofeedback Training & Coaching

If my office in York is not accessible...

  • Rent biofeedback devices for home training
  • Train with biofeedback as often as you like
  • Most cost-effective way of getting training time
  • Follow on-line teaching material
  • Convenience of learning from home
  • Skype or telephone coaching

If you can get to my office in York...

  • Face to face coaching
  • Access to office-based assessments
  • Video teaching material as support
  • Rental is an option but not always necessary

But Will It Work for Me?

Whilst I'm very confident that optimal breathing training with biofeedback can benefit the large majority of stressed people, I appreciate that, if you're to make the investment in your well-being, you'll want to know more about the programme so that you can judge whether it's right for you.

That's why I've made available free of charge a course preview, which includes some of the video presentations of course content material.

If that's not enough you can purchase access to all the course material for a relatively low investment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I can't promise to solve all your problems, not least because I know that, as with any training programme, what you get out of it depends on how much you put in. And it does take a consistent application of your time and effort over a period of at least a few weeks.

What I can guarantee is this:


If you rent a biofeedback device you can return it within eight days of placing your order and get a full refund with no questions asked.


If you pay for full access to the training course material and aren't fully satisfied I'll offer a full refund - up to 30 days.

About Glyn Blackett - Mind-Body Health Coach

As a student (of Natural Sciences at Cambridge University) I suffered quite a bit with social anxiety. I learned mindfulness meditation but found my mind highly distractable. About ten years on, I knew mindfulness wasn't really working for me, so I began to investigate how science and technology could help me. That's when I first encountered biofeedback and neurofeedback.

Biofeedback helped me to calm my agitated mind, and sharpen my focus and clarity. I learned to let go of negative emotions and create the basis for positivity to arise. I was so impressed I decided to make a career of biofeedback, and it's been my passion ever since. My aim is to make high quality biofeedback available to as many people as possible, to help them overcome problems such as anxiety, stress, low mood and brain fog.

To find out more about how I can help you, please contact me to arrange a free introductory consultation - either in person or by telephone or skype.

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With over ten years' professional experience of biofeedback, Glyn is a pioneer. He is author of the ebook, "Mind-Body Intelligence: How to manage your mind with biofeedback and mindfulness".